A New Voice for Cranston

It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Cranston. We must focus on moving this great city forward and investing in our future. Together, we have the opportunity to build a better tomorrow for our children, and I am committed to helping make that a reality.” – Dylan M. Zelazo

Economic Development

Economic development means your taxes stay down. Plain and simple. This is why it is so critical that Cranston’s elected leaders focus on helping our private employers grow our economy.


Only through partnership with the Cranston School Committee can we hope to build a culture of trust and accountability where learning is supported and all children can succeed.

Fiscal Responsibility

Your tax dollars are just that, yours. They should work for you. Each and every dollar. It is my priority to make sure that taxpayer dollars are invested in the real needs of our residents in a manner we can afford.


Infrastructure investments are an important part of maintaining our quality of life. Cranston will remain a great place to raise a family, only if we do the work to keep it that way.

“Dylan Zelazo’s work experience and educational background make him a highly qualified candidate for Cranston City Council. I’ve known Dylan and his family for a long time, and I know him to be a person of integrity who really cares about making a difference. He has my full support, and he will be a great new voice for Cranston.”

John O’Leary, Former Cranston Mayor

“We are at a critical time in Cranston’s history and we need new leaders like Dylan to move us forward. Dylan brings a rare combination of municipal government experience, budgetary expertise, solution-driven management skills, and a true passion for making a difference in people’s lives. He is an ideal candidate to help lead our city into the future. He has my full support.”

Paula McFarland, Former Cranston City Council Vice President

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