Fiscal Responsibility

Keeping taxes down must be the priority of every elected official, especially at the local level. Property taxes are too high in Rhode Island and we must do better. Intelligent and strategic cuts are necessary so that essential services can be improved and critical investments in our future can be made. Cranston’s leaders must find other ways to raise revenues to increase the sustainability of the City’s fiscal health. Partnerships with our General Assembly delegation will be essential to meeting our City’s ongoing needs while not overburdening our residents with property tax bills. 

Dylan has a proven track record crafting municipal budgets without increasing taxes, consolidating services to find efficiencies that save taxpayer dollars, and managing spending through tight fiscal controls. He has experience with bond initiatives, green initiatives that cut costs, and creating shared services agreements with other communities so that taxpayers get the best bang for their buck.

“Your tax dollars are just that, yours. They should work for you. Each and every dollar,” said Zelazo. “Too often, we taxpayers are left wondering what we’re getting for our money. Now more than ever, as our business community is feeling the crushing impacts of COVID-19 and more and more of our residents face the stark realities of job loss, our city government needs to work for us. We need to reprioritize and make smart investments in the future.”