Economic Development

Small businesses need to know that their local government is here for them. They will help us lead our local economy back from the recession caused by the coronavirus, and we must do everything we can to support them. A citywide economic development strategy is necessary to balance growth with the needs of our community.Continue reading “Economic Development”



Dylan is passionate about public education. His parents instilled in him at an early age the importance of a quality education. Dylan and his wife, Amanda, attended K-12 public schools and are grateful to have received quality educations that set them on the path to success in higher education. With two sons who will soonContinue reading “Education”

Fiscal Responsibility

Keeping taxes down must be the priority of every elected official, especially at the local level. Property taxes are too high in Rhode Island and we must do better. Intelligent and strategic cuts are necessary so that essential services can be improved and critical investments in our future can be made. Cranston’s leaders must findContinue reading “Fiscal Responsibility”


Our streets, sidewalks, and public facilities are in real need of reinvestment so that our residents and businesses have what they need in order to have the best quality of life and business climate possible. From recreational facilities to roads to school buildings, our focus on improving our public assets must be smart and balanceContinue reading “Infrastructure”